Company Overview

Richard Levin is one of the country's first executive coaches, and to the best of our knowledge, Richard Levin & Associates, Inc. is the first executive coaching firm.

Richard began his professional career as a psychologist. At the suggestion and encouragement of his clients (mostly business executives), he transitioned to executive coaching, helping to start and shape a new profession.

Compared to his work as a therapist, Richard found that, as a coach, he could go out into the field and see his clients' work environments first-hand. In addition to the freedom he experienced being able to leave his office, he found that he could shadow business executives in real time and watch their interactions with employees, Board members, customers, vendors, and other stakeholders.  Over time, Richard's success led to the addition to his company of 33 associates. His selection of coaches was simple: find the best and most seasoned practitioners to help his clients meet a wide range of business, leadership, and communication needs.

Richard teamed up with Richard Dana Associates to create an even stronger executive coaching firm with more depth, breadth, and diversity. Today, RLA has a strong strategic alliance with CFAR, one of the country's leading consulting firms on organizational behavior and change management.

Richard continues to work with business advisor Barrie Greiff in writing the Boston Business Journal’s popular column As We Live And Work, now in its 15th year of publication. And, he collaborated with a dedicated group of leading-edge thinkers to co-write the book Shared Purpose, whose message on advocating a seamlessness among work, family, communities, and schools is now being revived in print, broadcast, and social media, and is stirring renewed discussion on social policies impacting working families. Richard's paper on Children & Stress received worldwide recognition after the traumatic events of September 11th; the paper was distributed to many schools and daycare centers in New York City and, by the end of that day, had been distributed globally by the United Nations.

Richard was also the co-creator of The Center on Work and Family, which was housed at Boston University, and has since moved to Boston College.

Today, Richard Levin & Associates is one of the most recognized names in executive coaching. This is largely credited to the firm’s Lead By Example mantra. Through honesty, integrity and a steadfast display of respect, Richard Levin & Associates has earned the trust of clients ranging from small family businesses and non-profit organizations to global corporations, government agencies, and professional firms.