Management Consulting

Recognizing that coaching is never done in a vacuum, management consulting is the "other side to the coin" when it comes to implementation of goals. From corporate strategic planning to nonprofit fundraising and development, our associates first seek to understand an organization's context in order to position it to strive for excellence.

Because today’s organizational ecosystem is particularly complex, Richard Levin & Associates, Inc. is especially proud of its strategic alliance with CFAR, which extends our capabilities beyond executive coaching into a deeper understanding of the human systems that form the lifeblood of an organization.

Together, Richard Levin & Associates and CFAR help effect change and enhance performance while sustaining the distinctive culture and values of the organization. Together, we help organizations become superconducting enterprises that develop their executives into motivating, inspiring and successful leaders.

Richard Levin & Associates and CFAR are both proud to be named among America's Best Management Consulting Firms for 2017 by Forbes