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The Boston Business Journal is home to As We Live & Work, a periodic column on “the people side of business” and great places to work, written by Richard Levin and Barrie Greiff. As We Live and Work is also carried in many publications of American City Business Journals, whose network represents more than 60 business journals in the nation's fastest-growing markets.

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It's Time to Reclaim Civility for the Workplace. Published on 12/28/2018

The Business of Business is…Taking a Principled Stand. Published on 9/5/2017

100 years and still rising: Lessons to be learned for future Best Places to Work. Published on 6/20/2017

What Doesn't Show Up On The Bottom Line Counts. Published on 7/13/2014

The Gold Medal.  Published on 06/14/2013

Bouncing Back From a Terrifying Week.  Published on 04/26/2013

COVER-UPS: WHEN TO TELL, WHEN NOT TO TELL. Published on 07/26/2011

Business and Community: A Valued Partnership. Published on 03/04/2011

From Ordinary to Extraordinary. Published on 06/04/2010

It Doesn't Add Up. Published on 04/02/2010

Effective Business Leaders Know Change is a Constant. Published on 09/11/2009

Boston's Business Leaders Aren't Sitting on Their Hands. Published on 06/12/2009

What Happened to Wisdom. Published on 10/31/2008

Even in Down Times, You Can Boost Employee Morale. Published on 09/05/2008

Managing our Time as we Search for Life's Easy Button. Published on 02/16/2007

To Everything a Season. Published on 04/21/2006

Making Mistakes Pay Off. Published on 12/2005

Taking Humor Seriously.

The Mark of a True Champion. Published on 12/24/2004

The Perils of Low Carb Management. Published on 07/23/2004

Riding the tiger: Preventing company leaders from failing. Published on 05/28/2004

Playing to win: Gems of wisdom taken from the diamond. Published on 04/26/2004

Let’s Work to Escape the Degenerative Process of Ageism. Published on 03/08/2004

Building Relationships Boosts Company Morale. Published on 01/19/2004

Finding our way in uncertain times. Published on 04/07/2003


Other Publications


The Wharton Healthcare Quarterly 

Coaching 2.0: Reinventing Executive Coaching to Meet the Demands of a Changing Healthcare Environment (Fall 2017 Volume 6, Number 4), by Richard J. Levin and Jennifer Tomasik (CFAR)


Shared Purpose

by Maria G. Mackavey and Richard J. Levin

with Laurent Parks Daloz, Mary Ann Glendon, Richard Green, Martha Herbert Izzi, Vivian Johnson, David Nelson, Barry A. Stein, Deborah Swiss

In this unique and powerful book, 10 leading edge thinkers look at work, family, and society from a fresh, new perspective: If businesses want productive workforces and a profitable future, they must work together with schools, government, and communities to build a strong social web that strengthens families. Request More Info

“This useful book sheds revealing new light on a pressing problem confronting both businesses and families: how to strike the proper balance between productivity and people's lives.”

- Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business School


“In Shared Purpose you will read about the kind of thinking we need to see more of - thinking that recognizes the connections that exist between the institutions of power in our society, including business. For too long we have failed to examine the places where these powerful institutions do and can connect. By allowing business to view itself as a self-contained economic institution, we have failed to demand the kind of value that can be created when business engages with society. The business of business is to serve not just the shareholder, but the shareholder and the customer, the employee and the broad community.”

- Jeffrey B. Swartz, CEO, Timberland


“We have discovered over the years that by far the most effective way to create value for our stockholders is to create value for our employees, our customers, and society as a whole. This important book will help other companies do the same and should be required reading for senior executives.”

- George Hatsopoulos, Chairman, Thermo Electron Corp.



Children's Reaction to Stress

Written and distributed by Dr. Richard J. Levin. September 11, 2001

Richard Levin's paper on Children & Stress received worldwide recognition after the traumatic events of September 11th. It was distributed to all schools and daycare centers in New York City and, by the end of that day, had been distributed internationally by the United Nations.

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