Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills Training


NYA Media Training 101

A one-on-one guerilla training exercise that prepares business executives to present themselves, their company, and their message effectively in today’s electronic news environment. Clients receive coaching on how to manage a video press conference, how to be an effective “expert” guest, how to hone their message points, and how to develop strategies for telling their story. This is followed by a practice session in an actual broadcast facility, where participants will learn how to work with the camera and teleprompter, will practice asking and receiving questions, and will develop a familiarity with the protocols of electronic news gathering.

NYA Presentation Skills Workshop

Not your average butt-in-the-chair training session, but an intensive workshop in which participants will be on their feet making at least five videotaped presentations. Participants will learn how to manage anxiety, develop an effective delivery style, manage friendly and hostile questions and learn how to organize their presentation to accomplish their goals.

NYA One-on-One

For those people who have a limited time to commit, and important presentations to make, NYA offers one-on-one coaching. The intent of these sessions is to fine-tune the message points and presentation to insure that the presenter accomplishes intended goals.


In this 90-minute one-on-one session, the participant receives an analysis of his/her presentation skills. For the novice, this is an important assessment in the areas of delivery style, organization, and audience involvement. For the intermediate and experienced presenter, this is an ideal opportunity to receive objective feedback to fine-tune presentation skills.